Changing row color when clicking a custom column represented as Button

Hello everyone. I have built a table in retool and a custom column called isChecked, which basically will store a button for each row and the button column is responsible for the execution of a resource query.

The query is an update one, so whener I click each row button, the data in my database is updated. In order to be much clearer with every update action, I want that when this button is clicked, the row color changes as well to green.

I tried doing this using {{customRow.custom_col_name === true ? 'green' : ''}}

But i cant access the custom column at the first name at all, only the existing columns in the database. How can i do that? It would be just awesome to solve it.

Thanks everyone for the help.


Hey @Gerti_Sana, mind sharing your solution here so that others can learn from you? Thanks!

In Retool actually there was not a way to do this, in row color. Instead I created a boolean column in my original database, made this column as Boolean type and then I would access the value of this column in order to change the row color, since currentRow can't access the Custom Columns created.

@Gerti_Sana Thanks for the update!

currentRow should have access to the custom columns as long as you use the ID of the column.

CleanShot 2024-06-04 at 09.48.51@2x

But it is difficult to maintain that state after saves etc. So your solution is likely the most straightforward! Thanks again for sharing!

Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention, that I was using a Legacy Table :slight_smile:

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