How to "Deploy" an app

We are almost ready for our users to start using our app in production. Is there a way to "deploy" an app for non admin users? The user page still allows them to edit the app even though they are not admin. When they are on the app it also says it is just previewing the app.

I am on the teams self hosted plan and it says I can't disable editing permissions because of the plan type? I don't know why editing an app would be allowed in the first place without admin permissions. When I was using the Retool hosted version I was on the business plan I was able to make these changes but there does not appear to be an equivalent self hosted plan that allows this without going to enterprise.

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You've touched on my biggest frustration with Retool self hosted (ok, updates sometimes break things, that can be frustrating too but I deal). Small and medium size business needs user permissions just as much as larger enterprise. Why is there a gap in the pricing model from small team $10/user where everyone can edit, to five figures + for enterprise pricing? Give me a $50/user option for self hosted that includes permissions (just like the business plan online) and I'll sign up my organizations yesterday!!

There is a workaround to "sort-of" achieve what you are after, you can inject CSS to hide the menu bar and floating menu so users won't know that they can edit (but of course they really still can). This gives a nice simple appearance to your apps but is not true security. If you're interested I can share the code I use just message me (not sure I'm allowed to post that here it's sort of a hack around the intended UI).

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