Change the background for a row that is being hovered over

I am trying to change the background of row of a table that I am hovering over to be red.

Initially I was hoping it would be one of the options in the built in styles of the table component - however it is not. I then looked at this post but I think it is referencing the old table component and appears to no longer be relevant.

I'm pretty sure the variable/style I want to access is --retool-table-selected-hovered-row-background but I am so far unable to change it.

I have managed to use css on this table to make the cursor turn to a pointer following these docs. The snippet that achieved it is this:

#TableAvailableData--0 div:hover{
  cursor: pointer;

Any help appreciated? (And ideally this would be one of the styles that I could edit directly in the component)

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