Change app´s url

We are building several apps using Retool.
The url domain of one of them is the following one: "Retool", is it possible to customize that url path?
For example to this one:



Hi @TECH_ALMOND, Someone from the retool team can correct me but as far as I'm aware I don't think that's possible. I know they've recently added the ability to add your custom domain (if you're on the Business plan) to be able to use Retool Embed. (Configure Retool Embed for Cloud organizations).

But if I understand the documentation right it seems like the way it works is that instead of having your url look like it would look like


Thank you!

I have the same question. @bonnyag is correct regarding the URL format with custom domains. The best I could do was create another subdomain with a redirect to the full URL.

I tried to do a masked redirect in the DNS, but then there isn't an SSL certificate.

If the Retool team could create something to fix the custom domain format that would be awesome!

@marc If Retool could build a feature like that, what would seem the most natural to me would be the ability to set a custom slug in the individual apps settings (kind of how you can set custom slugs for pages on popular CMS' like Wordpress) .

Each slug would need to be unique, but since each customer has its own domain, you might only need to check for uniqueness within that domain only.