Retool applications related to domains or paths

Please let me know if there are any restrictions related to authentication or Retool applications related to domains or paths.

  1. Regarding paths, in addition to the restrictions on the path configuration on the Retool server itself, if there are any restrictions when performing path routing (reverse proxy) that is implemented in front of the Retool server, that information is also required.
  2. Regarding Retool's contractual domain restrictions, are there any hierarchies in the "subdomain" regulations? (For example, only one layer below a specific domain or subdomain can be changed, but not two layers below)

Hey @Tan_Tran! Let me know if I misunderstood your questions, but I believe this is what you need to know:

  1. Retool cannot be hosted on paths (ie: but can be hosted on subdomains (ie: Additional context here and here. We do have an internal ticket tracking this, but there aren't any concrete plans to work on this in the immediate future.
  2. There aren't any Retool restrictions on subdomain levels, though there are general restrictions on the total length of a domain name.