Change new Table component ROW background color based on date

Do I have to change each cell's background color in a new table component if I want the row color changed?

I have a due date field and if today's date is > than the due date in the table then that entire row should be red.

I've looked into these forum posts: using "item" and ternary operator.

But these are for individual columns and do not work on the background setting of the table (Table->Appearance->background). I also do not see a Row Color option for my table.

Hello @SkylarP23,

Here you can find different solutions.

Conditionally set color of entire row in table- Default Row color for entire row - App Building - Retool Forum

Thanks for your reply. But all of the solutions mentioned there are at the cell level. so I would end up having to do it for all cells in the table. Not the end of the world just extra coding I am trying to avoid.

Hi there! Currently, you can set row color by setting each column's background color.

We're adding features for conditional row color & alternate row color soon on v3.14.0 (Cloud is currently on 3.12)