Change chart legend text


in the image above, I am creating a chart that shows the sum of userRequests over time grouped by category, but, the category is mentioned only by its ID, which references another category document that contains the actual name of that category. now when I display the data, I am only able to show the IDs of the category.

is there a way to replace that with the actual name
I am thinking that I will need to write a statement that references the actual category in the category collection by the id that exists in the user requests document.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Hi @Alaaddin! Thanks for reaching out. Could you use a join query to combine the chart data with the data that includes the name property? Then you could use the join query as your chart data

If this sounds like it could work, we have some documentation here:

If this doesn't sound like a good solution, maybe a transformer would be more helpful?