Sign In existing users with Raw Mode and Firebase Authentication

Hi everyone,
i am working on a user login for my Retool WebApp in combination with Firebase.
I would like to implement it with the Raw Mode of Retool, but I always get the error: "query: function object could not be cloned".

Under "script & styles" I have already imported the libraries for firebase-app.js and firebase-auth.js.

I use the following code:

Can anyone tell me, what i am doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Hey @mike_mike! Where are you writing this query? And are you looking to do something like this?

Hey @victoria ! I am writing my code in a raw mode query, but also as a javascript query.
I tested more other code variations with small differences.
Finally, it actually worked now with a javascript query and webVersion8 for firebase.
The cause of the error we found out was reinitializing the firebase instance.
I still thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Oh, awesome! Very glad to hear you were able to get this working and please don't hesitate to reach out again :slight_smile: