Cannot see the Intercom Messenger Support under Settings > Branding

I am following the docs here: and do not see an option under Branding for an "Intercom Messenger Support" section. Can someone tell me why I'm unable to see this option? Is this the result of it being a new feature? Thank you.

What billing plan are you on?
This feature is only available to Business or Enterprise users.

Follow up:
I got a chance to check this on my instance, since I'm on a business plan.
It's definitely not there!

@antonybello Tagging you here since you announced the Intercom integration in the forums a couple of weeks ago.
Is there anything special we need to do in order to configure the Intercom integration? (Beta toggle, opt-in feature, etc.)

@kyle_vella_user The Intercom option has now appeared in the Branding settings menu for my Retool org... Might be fixed for yours as well.

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