Intercom integration issues

  • Goal: Get intercom working correctly within retool

  • Steps: I've enabled and disabled intercom within the branding section.

  • Details: regardless if i have intercom setup within the branding section my apps appear to try and initialize intercom

I have confirmed that Intercom is working correctly by creating a boiler plate html template and embedded their code. It works as expected.

Console output: "[Intercom] Launcher is disabled in settings or current page does not match display conditions"

If I enable it, the launcher shows up (mind you, not the custom one I defined)

But the launcher will not work on initial click, i must click it 4-5 times before it will launch. I am not sure if there is a conflict with Retools internal intercom integration and my own.


Ok, I somewhat understand what is happening. Upon initial load, the plugin times out, displaying "[Intercom] Launcher is disabled in settings or current page does not match display conditions." After this message appears, I can click on the help button.

I have a hunch it's something to do with Intercom being built into the Retool IDE. It's almost like there are two instances attempting to load. The first one is Retool's IDE Intercom setup, and the second one is mine. So mine works after Retool's fails. That's the theory anyway. It also explains why the custom launcher icon is not working.

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Bump, this is a bug - is there a way I can report this officially?


Hi @wattsin, welcome to the forum! :wave:

I just signed up for a trial on Intercom with a personal account to see if I can reproduce this issue.

From our docs:
"Test the Intercom messenger client by navigating to a Retool app as a view-only user. Click the help bubble to reveal your Intercom messenger client."

Are you interacting with the Intercom messenger through the bubble on Retool or through a component you built?

I was able to reproduce your issue:

On my end, after setting up the Intercom messenger integration (under branding settings) by adding the 'App ID' and 'Identity Verification Key':

The help bubble would not show up, this was because the Retool User I was testing on still had edit permissions for a couple of Resources and Workflows in my org. The help bubble is shown only to end-users (viewer permission only).

After updating the user permissions, the help bubble showed up, but clicking it showed the error from the first screenshot, and the messenger would not open. I believe this is what you are currently experiencing and here is how to fix it:

By default, Intercom has user traffic for messenger disabled

Just enable it by clicking the toggle.

We don't even need to go through an installation, our integration connects directly to your inbox.

Once the setting is enabled, the help bubble will open Intercom's messenger:

Now everything works as expected. :sunglasses:

Let us know if you have any questions.

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