Unable to show Intercom Messenger


Our team recently started using Retool but seem to be experiencing a problem with the Intercom integration built into Retool.
Once we've added both our app id and identity verification key, nothing is shown on our applications.

Not sure if we're missing a step but when reviewing the "Set up Intercom Messenger support" section of the documentation (will link it below), nothing seems to show and a message shows within the console "[Intercom] Launcher is disabled in settings or current page does not match display conditions".

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Have you solved it, if so how? Any assistance would be much appreciated.

[Provide Intercom Messenger support to end-users] (Provide Intercom Messenger support to end-users | Retool Docs)
Contact Retool Support

Adding a few things here, apologies for not including them.

Yes, we are using Retool Cloud, not on-premise.
Test App URL: https://dpcomputertech.retool.com/embedded/public/2ba8fcbd-5a80-494b-8523-13d3dca0188f
Version: 3.43.0

If you require anything else do let me know.

Leaving a nudge on this.

Apologies, deleted the test app on accident. Here is a new one: https://dpcomputertech.retool.com/embedded/public/943eef5c-f4c8-449d-bf95-c28caac24bac

Hey @daltonp, are you able to test this in a non-public app?

Test the Intercom messenger client by navigating to a Retool app as a view-only user. Click the help bubble to reveal your Intercom messenger client.

Public apps don't contain any user specific information (there is no logged in user) so I don't believe this works in public apps.

Hello Joe,

I'll give it a test and get back to you.

Thank you for the follow-up!


This issue is now resolved, thank you so much @joeBumbaca

For anyone that experiences this problem in the future, be sure to do the following in order to avoid the issues I had. Keep in mind, I didn't create any new permission groups as I'm using the default ones.

  1. Setup a test account on your Retool organization before adding it to the "Viewers" permission group.

  2. Next, make it so that the "All Users" permission group doesn't have edit permissions on the app you are testing, just viewer permissions. You can do this by navigating to Settings -> Permissions -> Hover over the All Users permission group and click the blue "Edit" button.

  3. From there under "Select access type" choose "Use all" for just the "All Users" permission group under "Apps" only.

  4. Once done, navigate back to Settings -> Branding -> Intercom Messenger Support -> Input your Intercom App ID, Intercom Identity Verification Key, and User Attributes as this can be found via your Intercom workspaces Settings menu.

  5. Share a viewer link and copy/paste it into a incognito browser before logging into it with your test account. The help bubble should then show and you'll be able to interact with your Intercom messenger.

Note: This is only for testing, you can set it all back to normal by navigating to this menu section again and set it's defaults back to "Edit all". (All Users should have "Edit all" but Viewers will have "View All" set as it cannot be changed by default)

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