Can't type into JS queries anymore?

Might be a regression, but I can't seem to write into a JS code resource anymore. Seems like I can press backspace and delete code but can't write at all, or copy/paste.

Thanks for looking into this.

Hi @Tianjing_Li!

Would you be able to provide us with some more information? Are you experiencing this in the App Editor, Workflows, both? Is this happening on specific JS queries or on all of them? Any additional information, including screenshots, would be helpful so I can try to reproduce this. Thank you!



Essentially if I create a new JS Query in the App Editor, I cannot edit any of my JS queries.

The box where I can usually type my code won't allow me to, this is specific (as far as I've seen) to the JS queries, transformers, other resource queries work as they did previously.

Existing JS queries just keep the previous code, but I cannot modify them(other than deleting code)

I have also tried in old and new apps, regardless of the previous app state it seems that JS queries are not editable

@Tianjing_Li apologies for the trouble here! We're rolling out a new JS query editor. We've disabled that new editor for you, let us know if that resolves the issue.

This is the only report we've had of something like this. In order to help us debug, any information that might be unique to your setup that you would be willing to share would be very helpful. Things like browser extensions come to mind.

Quick update here @Tianjing_Li , it looks like the issue is related to Safari versions 15.x. I was able to reproduce it and we'll work on a fix.
In the mean time, you should be back up and running with the feature flag disabled.
Thank you for the report!

Thanks @Ford_Filer!

Missed that last message of yours, thanks for spending time reproducing the issue.

Thank you again for the report! We were able to root cause and fix the issue. Once the fix is deployed, we will notify you and re-enable the new experience.

Great, thank you for your work!