Can you customize the Retool Mobile App Build in Sidebar (Home/Apps/offline Manager/Settings/Log Out)

Just started my first Retool Mobile Project. Quick question;

There is a Retool Build in Sidebar so an end-user can navigate to Home/Apps/Offline Manager/Settings/Log Out.

Is it possible to customize this for the end-user. For example;

  • Hide 'Offline Manager'
  • Hide 'Recent Apps'.

The end-user for this app (use only) just uses 1 app so it is unnessasary to have 'recent apps' shown in the sidebar.

Another question; The Hamburger menu doesn't show on all screens, is that correct?

Thansk :pray:

Not currently possible to customize the side drawer, but if it's a common request we can look into adding customization.

The hamburger menu icon is only showed on the first screen in an app, when no other screens are pushed onto the nav stack.