How can I set retool SideBar navigation without pointing to app

So I wish to have a standard sidebar navigation in my Retool App; however, I don't wish to point individual menu options to an existing APP, as I noticed this causes some lag from navigating from current app to another.
Any way to have this navigation without pointing to existing app?
( I don't mind hiding or showing group contents based on users' menu selection instead -- ie. using the CUSTOM option as seen in my screenshot attached)
Any guidance here will be appreciated.

Hi @David_Ezih, welcome to the forum! :wave:

There is definitely a way we can do this, we can attach event handlers to the navigation buttons to toggle the the visibility of certain components.

Here is an example of an event handler that hides a component:

We could repeat this process for the other components. However, there is a trade off. The more components (and their dependencies), the more complex the app, and the bigger the impact on performance. We recommend using multiple apps to achieve what you are looking for but this workaround may work for your use case, where you are prioritizing fast switch between views.

To reduce the impact in performance, you may want to manually run your queries, and only run them when the component they are attached to are visible.

Here is an example of the setup for that:

Also, consider grouping components under one container to control the visibility of a single parent component, instead of many individual components.

Last but not least, here is our doc on performance best practices.

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Fab! That helps....thanks!

You are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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