Change location of Showing row counter or Retool menu

I want to change location the Showing row counter or Retool menu
How I can to do it or is it Retool bug

If user scroll down so the showing row counter hiden by Retool menu

Hi @Dmitriy_Fedotov,

I feel your struggle. Here's a couple of posts on this topic:


I found that when you use the side bar component, the retool menu will stick to the footer of it:

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix right now and you'll have to be creative to work around it.

This may be a silly question that they have already prevented us from doing....

But can you just hide it with some custom CSS?

Thanks - Solution in Settings->Branding


Glad you found it! Fully hiding the button is supported with the Enterprise plan as a branding feature in Settings > Branding. Hiding the little Retool menu without this Enterprise feature is not a supported use case. However, as @Tess mentioned on the topic @MiguelOrtiz quoted, we can switch the way we render our branding on apps depending on which plan we are in.