Drawer in mobile app

I could not find drawer in mobile app. It would be great to have that functionality integrated into mobile app development. If it's already there and I'm just overlooking it, I'd appreciate some guidance on where to find it.

Hi @noke, welcome to the forum! :wave:
The drawer menu is native to the Retool Mobile App, not the ones we make on our orgs, but the one that we download from the Apple Store, where we open our Mobile Apps.

The options are:

Having a drawer menu component would interfere with this one. However, we currently have a feature request to customize its options. Could you expand on what you would add to it? I'm happy to attach your feedback to the request. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your response. So my requirement is that we have many screens to navigate from the dashboard screen example. We want to create a drawer where all screens are listed for navigation, and this feature is missing. Also we have login screen where we have set as start screen and we do not want the tab menu on the bottom of the screen but we cannot remove. If we remove the tab, the screen is no more start page. These are just simple and basic requirements for any mobile app but retool make it more complicated by not providing this feature. Ofcourse its for internal use only but that's our requirements and it will be great retool provide those features.

Thank you.

We could achieve this by breaking the many screens into many apps. This way, you wouldn't need the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen (one app would be one screen), and the existing drawer menu would allow your users to navigate between apps. This will also improve the performance of each individual app. From our performance doc: "Break up larger apps that perform several distinct but separate functions into multiple apps that can focus on specific needs... You can also share data between apps using URL query strings or localStorage ."

To ensure users go to the login screen first, we can set a Landing page (App) for when they open the Retool Mobile App.