Can I buiild a learning app for school in retool?

Hello everybody,

I have a very general question: I'm a teacher, trying to build a learning platform for my students. My question is, if you would recommend using retool for this? The focus of the app should be the exercises which the students can work on.

Would it be possible in retool to manage students, track their progress, give online exercises, feedback, divide them into courses, have presentation parts directly from the app and so on?


Hey, I am an engineer and I built my team's dashboard on retool. To answer your question, it is definitely possible to use retool to build what you are looking for, but every feature that you want, like "tracking progress", "online excercies", "feedback", etc are ones that you will have to build so I personally wouldn't recommend using retool for it. I think using an out of the box school software for this would be better. Like we used to use moodle in school. I don't know of open software that are available or how expensive they are though. But building all those features yourself on retool would definitely take a whole semester IMO, let alone teaching and doing other things at the same time.

This is assuming you aren't an expert at retool already. If you are, you may pull off an iterative approach to start with basic features and keep building as you go. My concern is about time and effort but I think from capability POV, retool is powerful enough to create a pretty cool software which does all you want.


Thanks so much for sharing your perspective, @srikrishnas! Agreed with everything you mentioned :slightly_smiling_face: