Is retool good for e-learning saas?

I would like to understand if retool is a good solution to build an e-learning platform. Basically the idea is to have a saas that we resell to different users. The main bottleneck is let's imagine we build the app, and then we have 10 clients (each one with their specific domain and DB). If we make a feature add-on, that feature needs to be implemented automatically on all the 10 or 100 users that are using the software.

Is retool a good tool for this?

When you update the retool app, it does get automatically updated for all users.

What features would you like to add in your saas app?

Hi @Samuel_Pedro, welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

This could be implemented with Retool Spaces, only available on our Enterprise Plan. I highly recommend you to book a demo if you would like to see Retool's full potential.