Making Course Software using Retool Portal


I'm really drawn to how Retool works (Feels like I have been looking for this tool for decades...) but I'm not sure it's the right tool.

I am interested in making courses for my current (and future) customers. I have a lot of ideas that aren't accommodated by off-the-shelf course software (gumroad, etc), so I'm interesting in rolling my own.

Is this an intended use case of Retool Portals? Obviously there are cost issues (15/user) on the Business plan, but assuming some slick guy in Sales figured that out...

More specific questions:

  1. Does retool portals work with Mobile apps or just web?
  2. Right now there are no video components on Mobile apps. How far down the roadmap is that? Couple of months? Couple of years?
  3. What kind of messaging could currently be integrated? If I wanted course users to be able to message eachother (DM or group), are there components for that or a way for me to integrate an external messaging system?

Thank you

Custom components for web apps