Build vertical stacked bar chart

Looking to built a standard vertical stacked bar chart. Found the custom component MODEL and IFRAME CODE for a horizontal stacked bar chart using chart.js, but have been unable to modify to fit a vertical one. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Horizontal stacked bar chart: Build stacked bar chart and rotate x axis labels vertically


If you’d like to continue using the linked example all you need to do is change the type value in Model Code from type: "horizontalBar" to type: "bar". Alternatively you can use the built-in stacked bar chart functionality in the Plotly Chart Component (which we just released in beta!).

Hope this helps! Let me know if you run into any issues.

  • Jane

Thanks! Tried that first, but must’ve needed to refresh. Follow up:

Is there a way to allow for multiple stacked bars per label point?

@jane tbc, is the stacked bar feature compatible with a multiple bar chart? Appreciate your help so far!