[Bug?] Select dropdown not scrolling into view

Dear Team,

Is there a problem that the currently selected item in a Selectcomponent does not scroll into view when there is a caption?



Hey Jeremy! Would you mind sharing a screen recording of this happening? I'm not sure I'm reproducing the scrolling part correctly. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @victoria


The two select components on this app demonstrate the difference:

The one with the caption, the selected item does not scroll into view when selected, whereas the one without a caption does.

In fact not really demonstrated in this example is that when there IS a caption, the scroll into view does scroll jsut not enough, as though it is calculating the scroll based on the index of the item selected muliplied by the height of ONE SINGLE LINE, instead of taking into account the extra "height" for all the captions.

Is there a good tool for making these videos? I have used vimeo because that is all I know.



Hi Jeremy! Thank you :blush:

A lot of customers use Loom, but this vimeo also works!

I'm seeing the same issue; I'll make sure our team is aware so that we can work on a fix. I'll post here with any updates

Glad the video worked and that you were able to reproduce the behaviour.

I look forward to the fix, but it's not crucial.