Bug: Background Color of Button column is displaying incorrectly

I am making a color picker for a table column. If I set the background color to the cell value using a text column type, the color is accurate:

But if I change it to a button, the color is lightened:

I can use two columns in the meantime, one with the background color and the other with a button, but having them in one column is a cleaner solution,

Hey there, Brad! How are you formatting these background colors, as a word (ie 'hot pink'), hex, or RGB code? I'm wondering if specifying the opacity with an RBG code would make the different column types uniform.

Here's an opacity example:

I am using hex codes stored in the table "#ff66ff". I tested it and if I use RGBA, it works. Now I notice the the selection highlight changes the background color hue. Not unexpected in hindsight. Hmm, I may have to entirely rethink my UX on this.

Maybe I should add a feature request to have an unaltered method for displaying color in a table cell.

Hey, Brad - Just updating you that the feature request has been submitted and attached to this thread. I'll reply here if I have any updates! :smile: