Branding on a per app basis

Is it possible to have custom branding for different apps? I have an app that uses branding info that's different than my other apps and as it is right now the login screens, invitation emails and what not are all the wrong branding for this one app which is very confusing for everybody involved. is there a way to dynamically set at least some of the branding like the name, logo, favicon (allowing a separate custom domain per app would be useful also).

EDIT: i don't know if this belongs in External Apps or Feature Requests, so I took a guess, sorry if I got it wrong


They will move it if they don't like where its located.

It's not currently possible but I would like to +1 a feature request for this. Multiple domains/custom domains. I have two different branding options I would like as well.

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Hi @bobthebear, as @stevenhdsdoor mentioned, it is currently not possible. I moved the topic to "Feature Requests" and will add the + 1 to it! :slightly_smiling_face: