Feature Request- Allow user defined Favicon/Changing Favicon

How do i change the retool favico

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Hey @Nir -- unfortunately this isn't a feature we support yet :slightly_frowning_face:

Iā€™m going to move this over to a feature request- because all of the JS users can define in Retool is run inside of a sandbox this would need to be built in as a feature.

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This would be a really nice feature to have, especially with on-prem and the other branding settings

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We would also love to have this feature- having tons of retool apps open at once makes it hard to parse without a favicon change. :slight_smile:

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Is this a feature yet? If not, adding myself to the list of requested feature changes.

Wish I knew this wasn't supported before signing up, as not being able to change the favicon is def a deal breaker for us which is disappointing. Makes zero sense to make multiple apps and they all have the same favicon making them all look like it's the same site.

Hey @Psycho_Bunny!

The dev team has been looking into this and is aiming to release support for org-level custom favicons at the end of next week for the Business plan and higher. App-level favicons are still an item that's being tracked though.

Would you mind sharing more about your use case? Retool has been releasing more support for externally facing apps with features like Retool Embed and I'm wondering how what you're doing might line up with their efforts.