[Beta announcement] V2 SQL code editor

Hello! We are preparing to release a new + improved SQL code editor -- if you'd like early access please DM me your email or org name!

Here are some of the features you can expect:

  • Better coding ergonomics -- code folding, active line highlighting, current selection highlighting
  • Better JS / template string support
  • Autocomplete + hover tooltips for Retool plugins
  • Jump to definition within template strings
  • JS linting within template strings
  • Better schema discovery
  • Syntax highlighting + autocomplete for a handful of SQL dialects -- standard sql, plsql, mysql, mssql, postgresql, cassandra
  • Autocomplete + hover tooltips for table/column references
  • Jump to schema for table/column references
  • An improved SQL preview popover -- comments excluded, ability to view/copy the prepared statement or the evaluated string

A few small fixes that should be coming shortly:

  • Better property browser tooltips for your autocomplete results
  • Better support for more complex SQL queries
  • Linting that respects additional scope

As always we'd love to hear any feedback you have! Feel free to ping me with any issues or feedback.


small update here -- this feature has been released to all cloud users, and we are aiming to make it available to on-prem orgs in our 3.22 release -- I will post another update when that happens. thank you again to all the beta testers!

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