Introducing Code Search

Hey all! You may have seen our Twitter announcement but I just wanted to let you all know that we’ve enabled our Code Search beta for all customers on cloud. We’ll release this functionality for on-prem instances in the near future.

You can search through all resource queries, event handlers, component inspector code, component event handlers, URL parameters, custom CSS, preloaded Javascript and more right in your Retool app! Let us know if you have feedback by clicking the blue “Feedback?” button on the Code Search tab. Happy App Building! :slightly_smiling_face:

code search 2


Thanks for this - it is an awesome feature but just like the now Generic search if you click on a query, the query will open but the tab is in italics, so if you select something else the existing italicized tab will be replaced with it.... this is very difficult to be able to search, get results for multiple files and be able to edit as needed with more than one file at a time.

Good callout! In code search you can double-click on a search result and it will pin the resultant code tab open. This works the same way as the code tab (double-clicking a query will leave it pinned). Hopefully that helps!