Basic Retool Functionality Regarding Database Management

I have significant SQL experience but little database management and no Retool. Amazon's RDS is hosting the database server and it says the database is connected. I believe we also have Retool connected to Amazon's RDS. We're using Postgre database on RDS. I'm not clear which application will be used to set up the tables. It appears Retool has a way to create tables and import CVS files. That makes me think that I don't need a desktop version of Postgre, instead everything can be handled through Retool. Any help explaining the role of each application would be very helpful.

When I try to import tables using CVS files, it very briefly displays a SQL command and then tells me there's an error. I see no description of the error type or how to resolve it. Can anybody provide help on how to handle errors?

Lastly, I'm wondering if the Retool SQL capabilities are the same as Postgre or if it is a limited tool set. Can I create and alter tables; insert, update and delete records; and subselect and union SQL's within Retool? Can I create views?

Any constructive feedback is very much appreciated.

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I can't help with the errors but can further the discussion of the rest.

I can tell how I currently work. I use Postgres hosted on Azure and Supabase. I also use SQL Server hosted on Azure.

I find that using pgAdmin 4 to manage the database is still easier for me than the Retool DB as I like to have the option of being closer to the metal, but still pop up a UI to modify a table or index. For SQL Sever I use SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio), which is not as good as pgAdmin in most ways (there are better alternatives but I am a creature of habit). Desktop apps are also faster since it does not go through the Retool servers, and they include instrumentation and optimization tools. If my queries are at all complex I like building them in my desktop app and then copying them to Retool when they are fully baked.

It seems that using Retool DB as your DB management tool would be attractive to those with less experience with the other tools or simpler needs. Or use both, one for the simple stuff and the other for the heavy lifting.

Thanks. That's very helpful! I used Postgre as localhost for a while to get familiar with it and now am trying to connect to RDS Postgre. I'm having some problems. Can you give me any ideas? I'm happy to share whatever you need to identify the problem.

I would need specific error messages to be of any help.

Though one thing many have been running into lately is allowing Retool's IP addresses through the firewall.

I think you might’ve hit the “nail on the head.” We saw the whitelist, but haven’t seen anything telling us what to do with them. Can you tell us? I still have the list.

Sorry, I do not know RDS so I am unable to do more than recommend you Google adding whitelist IPs.

Thank you for all your help. It turns out I didn't need the whitelist. I finally got everything connected. Now another challenge, learn retool. Have a great day and thanks for serving people by participating in this forum!

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