Retool Database relationships and schema

Hi, I'm just getting to know Retool and am wondering how to build relationships between tables and if there is some sort of a schema to help build tables and their relationships?

Simple example of what I am looking for:
clients (table)
client_id (pk)
client_address (fk)

addresses (table)
address_id (pk)

RetoolDB is just postgres so it supports primary/foreign keys as any relational DB would. I believe there's an option to make a column a foreign key when creating a table which ensures that they share a data type.

I think you are right but I don't see anywhere a schema where you can see tables and their relationships.

Ahh I understand. I don't believe you can build an ERD.

There is an option to connect remotely to your instance through pgadmin, where I believe you can build one.

Setup a connection with DBeaver (it's free) and use it's ERP. If you need a hand with the connection string, just let us know.

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I have DBeaver installed but am not sure how to setup the connection string. Any guidance would be appreciated.

You can pull the user/pass and host from the string that Retool generates: How-to Connect to the Retool DB with pgAdmin 4 - #12 by joeBumbaca

From the RetoolDB UI select the arrow in the top left and then the 'Connection' tab to find the string itself.

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That makes sense. However, I am getting the following error:
Invalid JDBC URL:

(I've also tried it withou the sslmode parameter).
username: retool
password: xxx

Looks like I was missing the prefix and it worked! Added: jdbc:postgresql://
Thank you!

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