Azure as Retool Resource?

Hi everyone,

We are building an integration with Azure Blob Storage. We will use the API of Azure storage but I saw this page on the Retool website:

In the screenshots you can see that you can select an "Azure Resource" but that is not available in the list of resources from Retool. Is this still in development or is there a beta that we can use?

Also I think that there is an error in the copy on that page: Easily connect to Azure - Retool can connect to Azure using S3 connectors.
I don't think the AWS S3 connectors will work with Azure.

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Hey @Dennis_De_Reyer! There is not a native, Azure connector in Beta or otherwise. And you are also correct that the AWS connectors will not work with Azure. I've reached out to the team responsible for this page and they will update it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Hi @joeBumbaca, following this as our team is also interested in connecting Azure Blob Storage with Retool

Did the team mention if this is in the pipeline in the next ~3 months? Or is this further out in the backlog?


@Andres_Gonzalez I don't believe there will be a native connector. You should be able to connect with their REST API.

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Okay, helpful to know, thanks! @joeBumbaca