Azure Storage Account REST API Endpoints

Good evening, everyone!

I'm very new to Retool (just downloaded and started using it yesterday). We are determining if Retool is a viable solution for an app we are developing where the backend data will all live in Azure. We have successfully connected it to CosmosDB and thats working great but we are struggling getting it working with the FileShare REST endpoint.

Has anyone else successfully used Retool to access the FileShare REST API, and if so can you share any tips/tricks?

We need to be able to upload files using the FileDropzone input and download the files as well. Bonus points if you can help us find a way to do PDF preview in modal.


Hey @tj.couey!

Are you seeing any particular errors when trying to upload your files? There's some documentation on uploading files to APIs here. A common stumbling block is the need to pass the following to the file field:

{{ {data: fileDropzone.value[0], ...fileDropzone.files[0]} }}

As for the pdf - there is a PDF viewer component you can try including in your modal. It works best when you can pass it a URL for your PDF, however, if the PDF is relatively small and you have the base64 string for it you can also try using data:application/pdf;base64,<base64blob> in the source field.

Let me know if that helps or if it raises any more questions. Would be great to know some more detail about what you've been trying so far as well!

Hi @tj.couey, I'm curious, were you able to figure out how to use the Azure File Share Rest API? I have a requirement to allow a user to navigate to the browse files button, select a CSV file then store it in a specific Azure blob container. I would really appreciate any help or guidance you can provide.

Thanks in advance!

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Echoing this - would love a quick tutorial or guide on making this for Azure Blob Storage.

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+1 this.
Would love to also have tutorial or native integration between retool to azure blob storage.


I've managed to get the integration with Azure Storage working. It's not that difficult, but it required some trial and error. Will see if I can write a short instruction.


Hi, @mbruijnpff – we encountered a problem connecting to Amazon Blob Storage. There might be a problem with the Authorization headers:

Test connection failed
The server failed to authenticate the request. Make sure the value of the Authorization header is formed correctly...

Can you please share some details about the connection settings?
Thanks for the help :pray:

Hey @honzapav were you able to figure out your authentication issues? If not, are there parts of your configuration you'd be willing to share here?

Hey, we're finally decided to integrat Auzre Blob Storage via API...

did you ever find a decent resource on getting this to work?

+1 any docs?

This is an older post, but did anyone figure this out?

I’m creating a workflow and am able to create a blob in Azure and PUT base64 data to the blob But when I try to GET the “file” back, it comes as a corrupted PDF (it’s also a corrupted PDF if I try to get it directly in Azure). Do I need to create a binary from the base64 for the PUT?

Would be so great if there was a preconfigured resource (or if I could use the full SDK).

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