Store files in Azure storage

As there is currently no option to connect to Azure Storage, would it be possible to use an external library like ?

Or is it not possible because of 'require' in the script (in a mobile app)?

If possible, how would I reference to the library within a JS Query?
I've added it now here:

Hey @mbruijnpff!

Like you mentioned, you currently need to use the UMD build of a JavaScript library with Retool. The current workaround I know of for interacting with Azure Storage is to use their REST API - is that something you've explored already?

(Our docs on connecting to REST API's are here for anyone who's curious!)

OK, I will give that a try. Forgot about that possibilty.

I am trying to do this now and running into a documentation wall. is there any decent walkthrough on how to set this up?

Hey @Shegs, I don't believe we have a specific walkthrough for this. What blockers are you hitting?

just getting the API to work. its a million steps and requires SHA256 encryption of signatures and multiple steps to just create files and I just can't get it to work with the convoluted documentation at MS.

I was able to get a response from the API using Shared Access Signature, but now I am unable to get the binary data of an image to send.
when using base64 data results as a binary body in the API.
error: Cannot destructure property 'data' of 'e' as it is undefined.

Anyone that has done this, I would like to pick your brain a bit.