Automatically disable inactive users

Hello community and team.

We have self-hosted retool with AWS Cognito and the setup is working good.

The problem appears when we're disabling/removing a user in our SSO. Retool still sees that user is active and count in for billing.

So is the a way either:

  1. Disable user which has been inactive (last login maybe) for a period of time?
  2. Does retool has an API? It's a pain while searching things like "Retool api" - all the results about integration. If retool has API, then we can disable users via API.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Ivan!

There is no built-in functionality for automatically disabling inactive users at the moment. However, Enterprise orgs have access to the SCIM API for user management, could that work for you?

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Hello @Kabirdas
Looks very promising, thank you!
Will give the method a try and pst my solution/marked resolved.

I've tried to create API key and received an error about invalid scope.
Since the API it's a different scope :slight_smile: of the issue, I will upgrade our retool to the recent version and then evaluate it. If the problem still here, mail to will be dropped.
Please do not close the thread yet.

Did you have any luck @Punka? When creating your API do the correct permissions show up in the list of available scopes?

Hello @Kabirdas,
unfortunately nope. Still have this:

and when tried to create:

The version is 3.0.10. We have plans to upgrade to the latest version, but with gradual upgrade it will take at least 5 days.

I see, in order to generate an access key from Retool you'll need to be on version 3.4 or higher. Since you already have an upgrade planned does it work for you to test after doing so?

Confirmed - 3.4.15 version does have needed permissions.
Will try to develop the solution with API.

Thanks for the help!