Auto grow with content for text input not working

Auto grow with content for text input doesn't work for the retool mobile app. When I select it it works but as soon as i refresh the page or open the app on my mobile, i can scroll thru the text but the text is only on 1 line...

Did you try updating the mobile app in the app store?

Yes the app is up to date

Hey @titouan,

Can you provide image or example of how it looks ?


It looks like this


Hey @titouan is this using the Default value for for text input component?

Yes i'm scrapping the value from salesforce and put it into default value, then i can edit it and post it again.

Got it, thanks @titouan. Submitted a bug report for this and I'll update you here as I get any additional information on the status.

Hey everyone, just as an update, a code fix for this is being released. I'll update you when it's live!

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