Text Field Cursor Jump

I have an odd problem that appears to be isolated to one app, but I'm not sure how to troubleshoot it. When typing into a Text Input or a Text Area, the cursor jumps to the end of the string after each character is typed (or deleted). This happens in one app, and a module that is loaded within the app. Other apps of mine seem to be working as expected. Any suggestions on where to look, or how to narrow down what's causing it?


I've tried adding a new Text Area component, and it behaves the same. I've tried browser cache clear, and a couple different browsers. No doubt it's something in my app, but I'm drawing a blank on what/where to check. I believe this just started happening today, without any new app release on my end, but can't 100% confirm that.

I duplicated the app and 1 by 1 removed all the components and queries, leaving just a plain Text Area, and it was still doing the cursor jump. I was stumped, but then realized I had bumped the Body Text size to 14px. Resetting to the defaults fixed the cursor jump?! I know there's concern with using Custom CSS for styling, but this is one of the pre-canned options under App theme.


I have users that have a hard time with the 12px font... Help!

Hi @Matt_N Thank you for reaching out! I believe our team fixed this bug :crossed_fingers: Can you confirm if you're still seeing the issue?

I tried a couple quick tests this morning, and it does look like it's working properly now. Thank You!