Appendind new row in gSpreadsheet via Form and ListView component

hi! :slight_smile:
how to submit radio group values that are neseted in ListView component within a form?

This is a group of questions and answers (radio) and I want to submit as a next row in google spreadsheet.
Each of the radio is a separate column, so its answer (value) should go to this column.

As separate selects/or radioGroups (no listView) it adds a new row to googlesheet perfectly.

However, I wanted to add labels (in my case strings from a googleSheet, It works well) using map function so I needed to try listView with radio selects.

Any ideas:)?

Hey @Ana!

This sounds like a tricky formatting question - is it something you're still looking at?

You might try something like {{ Object.assign(_.omit(, "listView1"), }}

That using _.omit removes the oddly-formatted listview data from the form data. Then you can add new keys to it with Object.assign, since the listview has an array of objects containing key-value pairs for each entry spread syntax works nicely with Object.assign.

As long as you dynamically set the form data key so that there's no overlap you should be good.

Let me know if that works!