List View Dynamically show data & create child components of it


I need to dynamically display data using a ListView while also being able to add and delete child components.

  1. I have a ListView component with a 'container6' element wrapping three inputs. These inputs are populated with data from a REST data source. When I click the 'add another quota' button, another container with three inputs must appear.

  1. Is there any way to collect input values and inject them into POST BODY request dynamically as the number of objects can be unlimited as below:

"intervals": [
"numberOfConversations": 2,
"startTimeMinutes": 5,
"endTimeMinutes": 10
{ .....other ones with input values}

:warning: This is resolved with the help of below posts. Thank you!

Glad to hear it's solved! Thanks for following up and surfacing these posts for other users! :grin: