Support for Nested ListViews

I've read the guide on working with ListViews and it's working great for a single list. However right away we had a need for nested lists. The way array indexing currently works is the variable i is magically available inside a ListView. This breaks in a nested ListView where you would need another variable to index the inner list (j by convention).

Is there a workaround? And if not, can this be escalated to a feature request?

Hi, I am also looking for this functionality. This old forum: Improving the list view component
indicates that they had no plans to implement, but I would really appreciate this feature!

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This is still the case unfortunately, supporting nested listviews is a non-trivial change to implement without potentially breaking some existing apps. We do plan on releasing a new and improved versions of many components (just rolled out a Text v2), while depreciating creation of the old versions. I'm not sure when we'll be moving on to the listview in that project but there are a few other components we'll be going over before then. Until then, I'll move this over to a feature request