Aggregating data from components in list view


I have a list view that contains multiple data entry components. I am trying to build an array of those entries but the objects are difficult to define because they dont exist in their own object. How can i fetch the data values from each component nested inside a listview?

I would assume you map them like this let sel =>x.value) but it doesnt work.

It would help if you could post an example of the data and a screenshot of the components and the names of the components inside the list view...otherwise; it's difficult to provide a possible the select1 inside of the listview?

The example is the one above. Lets say you had a list component and you put in 3 textinput1 components in there. How can you bring up an array of all textinput1 components values?

You would have to iterate over the listView component length and get the value for each field

var textInputValues = [];
for (i=0; i<;i++){
return textInputValues

That worked perfectly thanks. I used it like this:

hii, is it possible to do it for several listViews? I have it in tabbed container and would like to submit one object with 10 listViews data (selects)

Yes. it is.

could you please show me an example how to do this?

In your code, since your adding more list views I would assume with the same type fields; checkbox1[i].value would be added to your code when adding another listView would be checkbox2[i].value and so on....and the same for other fields as you add more list views.....