App settings dialog not working

Hi @shawiz! I am really excited to try this. The mobile app settings dialog doesn't seem to be working. Anyone else experiencing that? I've tried on chrome and safari. I also confirmed we are on business plan. Thanks!

Hey @Scott_McQuiggan! Is this still an issue you're running into? Do you happen to have a screen recording you could share? It may also be helpful to see if any errors are showing up in your browser's dev tools.

Sounds familiar

@Kabirdas, Thanks to office hours I learned i can get there through settings too. The 3-dot menu -> mobile app settings navigation still doesn't work as of this morning. Retool office hours confirmed the bug a few weeks back. Looks like it is still there. I think Retool docs point to the 3-dot menu for offline mode.

Settings should also be accessible from the sidebar on the left side of your screen! Look for the gear icon.