Allow referencing {{ currentSourceRow }} within a table's action hidden parameter

When I use {{ currentSourceRow }} to disable an action, it works fine. For some reason, {{ currentSourceRow }} is not recognized in the hidden option for an action. I find the hidden option is sort of useless without being able to reference {{ currentSourceRow }}.

Hi @shawncrocker Thanks for posting about this! I've shared your feedback with our team internally.

Originally, our team chose not to support this design pattern, but we've gotten some requests for this feature. We're tracking requests at the moment, and it looks like we'll likely end up adding support.

We'd also love to hear your use case if you're able to share it!

@Tess Hi. Yes so, my use case would be something like, I have an action to set an item as the preferred choice in the list. When the action is used on an item for the first time, a long series of events is triggered to extract data from other API's and then record everything in a database. For this action I do use the current row to disable it if the item is already selected as the preferred choice. I also have another action that will force this string of events to happen again as a refresh. If something happens to some data that exists in files or some how some unaccounted for error occurs during the sequence, the user needs to be able to just refresh and have the API's called again. I want this refresh button to be hidden only if the item in the currentRow does not exist in the database. I do just disable it but it feels cleaner for this type of option to just be hidden. Being hidden, it is also a nice visual cue that the item being displayed in the table has not yet been interacted with before. I have some other BOM tables that allow digging into our CAD system and pulling out drawings of a particular item. Depending on how the item is categorized or if it is revision managed or not, I would like the action that starts up the CAD data search to be hidden rather then disabled. Again, it feels more clear to the user that the option to attach MFG data to that item is completely not available to be used rather then its there and maybe they need to do something to have it become available. When the option is there but inactive it prompts the user to question why. "Why can't I click this button that I see?".