Table: Unable to hide action based on dynamic value (but can disable it)


I can dynamically disable an Action based on the value of a column in the row:

But when I try to hide the action using the same method, it doesn't work:

How can I hide it?

When I use currentSourceRow, there is a hint that.

It seems like this was intentionally designed this way?

Oh, that's interesting, thanks. I didn't know currentSourceRow was something I could use. Looks like others have asked my question anyway - Allow referencing {{ currentSourceRow }} within a table's action hidden parameter

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Thanks for adding your interest on the linked feature request @jkns, and thanks @AnsonHwang for chiming in with the added context from that error text. And I'm glad your comment existing here will help even more folks learn that `currentSourceRow` exists as something that's possible to leverage in Retool apps!

I'll close this thread out for now and let's keep using the above linked feature request to track interest in changing the Retool product's built in functionality around this :+1: