Changing the visibility of the "action buttons" of the "table" component depending on the data in the table row in which they are located


I'm using "table" component and it's feature "Actions". I have configured several additional actions and I would like their buttons to appear or disappear when you hover the mouse over a table row, depending on the data contained in that row.

Following this topic. Curious to hear why is it possible to disable actions using {{currentRow}} but not hide them.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us! There's currenlty a feature request for this! I’ve added this thread to the request. That way, if there are any updates I will be pinged on my side and can immediately inform you here. Thank you for your assistance with this!

For an further explanation on this please see this response to a similar thread by my teammate Tess!

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Just as an update here, this feature will be implemented in a further version of Retool! Be sure to keep an eye on our Changelog here!

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