AI Generate Chat Response Node NOT WORKING

Summary: Workflow Problem in Retool with Generate Chat Response Node

  • Description:
    • Main Issue: The Generate Chat Response node in a workflow is experiencing issues when the entire flow is run. It crashes and does not complete the process.
    • Specifics:
      • Works when run individually.
      • Involves a node with an input message history (array format with roles like assistant and user/system).
      • When tested in parts, it functions correctly.
      • Crashes during full workflow execution.
      • Attempts to simplify inputs and modify message history handling did not resolve the issue.
      • A workaround using "generate text" node and input of message history into the system prompt works, but it's not ideal for the current business workflow.
    • Observations:
      • The system reads and processes message history better when it's input as an array.
      • No issues with model limitations (tested with small inputs).
  • Request:
    • Need assistance to understand why the node fails during complete workflow execution, despite functioning correctly in individual tests.
    • Current settings may need review to identify the problem.
  • Additional Information:
    • Workflow operates correctly with manual message history input.
    • A demonstration of the settings can be provided if needed.

Hey @Phantie,

Thanks for joining office hours! Apologies for the lagging on my side. Thanks for going through the live troubleshooting and ultimately helping move this along :tada:

I did a bit more testing & I'm seeing a failure as soon as I add a timeout greater than 2 minutes even though it allows me to add a longer timeout (120000s timeout = success, 120001+ timeout = failure). Does that correlate with what you're seeing?

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^ Definitely still buggy since it lets me add a longer timeout & then silently fails, but just want to make sure I'm looking at the same issue :crossed_fingers:

We are having exactly the same problem. The node works in the preview, but does not when running the workflow. It works when having a timeout shorter than 2 mins.

Very similar to: AI Chat Respone | Timeout - #3 by Usman_Shani

This issue is critical for us too, because we sometimes have AI Queries that run longer than 2 minutes