Retool workflows AI is not working properly


the "Generate chat response" module in Retool AI- in workflows, is not working.

Error I'm getting is

{"data":null,"metadata":{},"error":"Internal Error running a block: Error: An internal server error occurred"}

Note: the other modules such as 'summarize text' or 'generate text' work fine, I'm using my own API key (no issues on that end either)

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+1 same problem (I am not using my own API key though)

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@Tess any insight? It's crucial to many workflows

@joeBumbaca any insight?

I believe the issue you're facing is because the Generate chat response action requires a message history in the form of an array to be passed to it. If no history is passed to it you will get a error. If you don't want to pass any history with it you can fill in with [] and that should take away the error for that block at least.

hah yes it solves the issue, thanks @DannyF