AI Chat Respone | Timeout

Since today we are having issues with the Chat responses going into timeout (no response).

Interestingly, the preview shows the answer, but both automatic queries as well as the Chat component itself don't seem to work.

Any ideas?


Same, the retool integration to OpenAI seems to be down right now. OpenAI APIs are running fine right now. Must be something on retool side

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Same for me, having issues with all of my Retool AI queries.


Is there a status page for the Retool components (similar to, for example)?

same for me

Answered one of my own questions:

Seems to indicate all systems go, but not my experience with AI components right now.

Hey everyone, can reproduce the issue and getting eyes on this right now. Will keep you all posted with any updates as we have them.

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Update: This should now work without the need to uncheck that option.

As a workaround, you can uncheck the Stream response data and update app model incrementally setting on the advanced tab of the query. This should resolve the issue while we further look into root causes.

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Thanks! Worked as a work-around. Please keep us posted, once it works again.

On a sidenote: I have actually notices the issue of timeouts before as well normally after around 4-5 questions. To fix it I previously just re-loaded the page and cleared the chat.

@Sebastian_Scott Sorry I missed this, these queries should have been working without the need to uncheck that box for a while. Let me know if that's not the case. Thanks!

I unchecked the box yesterday as a workaround as well, when I check it (enable streaming), it no longer does streaming.

@Codester Correct, yesterday that checkbox was blocking queries from returning and now it is not, so there is no action necessary to get responses. But, streaming functionality is still not back as something changed and our streaming implementation no longer works. We are working with OpenAI to determine the best path forward.

To close the loop, streaming AI responses should be working as of the 3.23 Cloud release.