Workflow query timing out during scheduled runs

My workflow is failing because the final query is timing out. I've already increased the timeout to 600s in the query block and deployed the latest workflow but during scheduled runs the query keeps timing out

Hi @tj11 is this for a Retool Vector block? Does it work when you run only that block? I think you may be running into this bug where timeouts occur any time the "Timeout after (ms)" setting is set to more than 120000 ms :disappointed: If so, I'll try to bump the bug report internally

I am able to reproduce this issue with Retool Vectors, unfortunately, where it works when I run the block on it's own, but it doesn't work in the scheduled run unless I reduce the timeout to 120000 or less.

Thanks Tess. You are right that the issue is with Vector Block.
Unfortunately, it times out even if I run the blocks individually instead of a scheduled run or single click Run from top bar. I tried changing the timeout to 120000 but that didn't help either.

We are processing a large amount of data so I suppose it takes more than 120s to process the data.

Ah right, that makes sense :disappointed: I will try to bump this bug report internally. I'll follow up here when our team has a fix