Add 'Show body' toggle to mobile collapsible container component

Can't seems to find this option on Mobile app, is this default collapsed options available at all on mobile?

I also can't seems to find any corresponding state.


Hey @rxunique, this currently isn't available on the mobile component. We have an internal feature request for this and can update as I get any additional information to share. Thanks!

+1 for this request

+1 for this request!

+1 for this request

I'm looking to default my collapsible containers to collapsed.
The forum suggests I use the "Layout" section of the container but I do not have that option.
Is it because I am on the free version?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi @SANTANAR, I moved your post here for you to be notified when there are any updates on this feature. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey everyone! Just an update that the code for adding this capability has been merged and will be released to our Cloud offering soon. Can update when it's live, but we should see that toggle in the next couple of weeks.