Add labels to bar chart

I'm creating a bar chart and want to show the value of each bar on the bar itself without the user having to hover over each bar to see the value.

I took a look at Plotly and see that it's possible using annotations but it looks like it would need to be done programmatically and I'd need to know the x and y location of each bar. Is there an easier way to do it?

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Retool support got back to me in chat and said to add the below to the Data section of the Plotly JSON data. This worked for me.

"textposition": "auto",
"text" : [Your Text Here]

I also added:

"textfont": {"color":'#ffffff'},

to make the color of the labels white to be readable against the default bar color.


Hi All! I found a way to fix that...
Hoever, I didn't found how make bigger the size of labels

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Hey there! This seems to work for font size:

"textfont": {
    "size": 20