Expose Themes inside the Retool Environment

Would love to be able to control themes directly inside the Retool environment. Instead of setting them outside of the app, why not inside?

This would be super helpful for allowing a dark mode toggle.

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Hi @JoeyKarczewski, this is possible today in the "App Settings" modal for apps.

You can find this by clicking this button!

Hey @william-retool !

Thanks for this!

I was meaning more directly being able to switch between themes dynamically as an end user of an app. I would like to allow the user to toggle between these different themes.



Ah! That makes sense. Very interesting idea. I can see how this would let you build a dark mode toggle for your users.

Let me bounce it around a few folks here internally :slight_smile:

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Was there ever any outcome to this? Would be good to allow users to switch between light or dark or even automatically set based on the system settings.

Hi @alec-hs, this feature is currently on hold but something we might revisit in the future!

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I would like to see this as well.

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