In-App User Documentation


I have an app that I've added user documentation to:

Looking at the documentation here, I see:

User documentation can also be opened by clicking the documentation icon in the lower left corner.

However, I do not see a documentation icon (as an Editor or as a Viewer):

Am I missing something? Further, is there a way to programmatically open the documentation?


Hello, which type you use, self-hosted or cloud? and version?

We're using self-hosted, version 3.2.2

Hi @Elliott - I see the documentation icon when I toggle Preview mode (what end users should see with viewer permissions) rather than being in editor mode. Does the icon show for you when you toggle preview mode? I confirmed it does at least on self-hosted version 3.8.1 -- but if you're still not seeing it let me know!

As for programmatically opening the documentation, can you share a bit about your use case and what you're aiming to set up? Happy to look into what's possible there or file a feature request if that's not currently exposed. I saw you also have the "open automatically for new users" setting checked, does that functionality get you close to what you're hoping for?

Hi kbn,

I'm in preview mode, however the documentation icon does not display:

My use case for programmatically opening the documentation is that if we were to hide the user menu, there would be no way for a user to open the documentation after initially viewing it. If we could instead fire an event or call a global function to display the documentation, it would be easy to add that to a link or button in a sidebar etc.


@Elliott thanks for confirming and thanks for your patience as I confirmed the current state. Turns out this is behind a feature flag, as it's still in beta for self-hosted Retool.

I went ahead and enabled the flag for your self-hosted orgs. Please note that if you're using source control, currently the user documentation feature isn't fully compatible with source control across multiple Retool instances (i.e. if you set user documentation in a staging instance, it won't save to a branch and won't populate to production). If that doesn't block your use case, you're all set!

Otherwise the eng team is scoping out making this feature compatible for that multi-instance source control use case before it's generally released for self-hosted Retool. I've internally linked that request, so we'll keep this thread updated when this becomes supported.

For others who may find this post going forward, note that as mentioned in the docs, the user documentation feature is scoped to the Business and Enterprise plans.